Quick Overview of Common Horse Breeds

There are many breeds of horses. Here are a few of the more common and popular breeds.

American Paint Horse

This is a beautiful breed that combines western stock attributes together with the spotting patterns found on Pinto horses. Paint horses have great temperaments and are good work horses. A Paint must have a combination of white with other recognized equine colors.

American Quarter Horse

This is the most popular horse in the United States. It is a horse known for exhibiting short sprints and can win races that go for a quarter of a mile or less. It is an excellent breed for new riders. The breed comes in many equine colors

The Andalusian
This is an elegant but athletic breed. It is related to the Lusitano horse of Portugal. These horses are exceptionally strong. The most common color is gray but it can also be black, bay, dun or Palomino colored.


These are large horses that can be used for riding or working. They are a breed of draught horse that came from the Clydesdale, Scotland farm horses. Some breeders use them to improve other draught horse breeds.

The Friesian
This elegant, graceful breed is also called a Frisian. The breed comes from Friesland in the Netherlands. These horses look like lighter versions of draught horses. They are often used for pleasure riding or dressage competitions because of their ability to be very nimble.

Morgan Horse
The Morgan Horse is the official breed of horse in the United States. It is also one of the oldest breeds developed in the US. It has strong legs, but is rather compact in its build. This horse is used for both English and Western style riding.

Thoroughbred Horse

Thoroughbreds are known for being almost exclusive to the sport of horse racing. They are agile, quick and spirited. They can be used for other sports like fox hunting and polo. They are also adept enough to be used for jumping. They are among the most expensive breed that can be owned. The more pedigree a Thoroughbred has, the more valuable he is.
Before buying a horse, it is important to research the breed that is best suited to your riding style and preferences. If you are new to riding, choose a horse that is gentle. Always research breeders carefully before buying the horse you wish to call your own.

Basic Horse Riding Styles

One of the main questions any new horseback rider has is which type of riding style to choose. In most cases, riders are curious about whether they should choose English or Western riding as their preferred style. However, besides these two well known riding styles, there are many others. This article will cover the basics with a more unique riding style.

Trail Riding
This is a style that can be done with either English or Western style saddles. In England, it is called hacking. This is perhaps the most gentle and basic type of riding and it is perfect for beginners. This is a relaxed style where older, quieter horses are used. Riders go along trails, bridle paths or through fields and forests at a slow pace.

English Riding Style
This is a type of riding style that features a flat saddle. This saddle does not have a saddle horn or a deep seat like the Western type does. When riding in the English style, the riders makes contact with the horse through the reins in the horse’s mouth. This is an aid that helps the rider direct the horse.

Western Riding Style

With Western style, the saddle is heavier than the English saddle. It has a cantle, a horn and is made to let the rider place more of his or her weight on the horse. While most any type of horse is right for this style, the Quarter Horse, Paints and Appaloosas are mostly used. With this style of riding, the rider uses reins and his or her weight to aid the horse in moving.

Barrel and Racing Riding Styles

Once a rider gets better, he or she may want to advance to more complex and competitive riding styles. There are many, some of which include disciplines like dressage and jumping. Here is a brief look at Barrel riding and Racing styles.

Barrel riding is often seen in American rodeos. It requires the rider to take the horse around three barrels. They must do the riding in a clover-leaf pattern. It is not as easy as it sounds and is a fast-paced form of riding. Finally, there is horse racing.

This is where the horses are ridden at the fastest rate possible. Any beginner rider with good qualifications and a great horse can get involved in racing horses to some degree. Besides offering pleasure, different riding styles offer a great form of exercise.

Some Horse Riding Tips For The Novice Horse Rider

In addition to being a highly exciting and sophisticated sport, horse riding is also an enjoyable hobby enjoyed by people of all ages. Contrary to popular belief, horse riding is not as simple as it seems and requires more skill than merely jumping onto the back of the horse. In fact, it can take years to master horse riding; however, you do have a great deal of fun in the meantime and undergo an effective workout each time you’re on the beautiful animal. Despite the good nature of the horse, the first ride can be nerve-wrecking and there are various considerations to make when venturing out for the first time. This article will provide some tips on how to keep your chin up and progress as a proficient rider.

1. You Do Not Always Need To ‘Get Back On’

One common phrase taught to all young individuals is to get back up after facing a fall; however, this may not always be the best advice. In horse riding, it may actually be better to remain off the horse after a fall instead of climbing back on, particularly after the first fall. This is due to the fact that horses are very sensitive creatures and they will behave according to your emotional state; therefore, the horse will behave in a tense and distressed manner if you are scared after the fall.

2. Don’t Be A Dictator

While it is necessary for the rider to lead the horse and direct them to behave accordingly, it is essential that the direction is not in the form of a dictator. It is important to remember that horses are not machines but are conscious beings that learn by repetition, just as young children do. Due to this fact, it is vital that you continue to consider the horses’ feelings and abilities when completing tasks. If you do so, the horse will be happy and perform more effectively.

3. Heels Down And Head Up

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to dig your heels into the horse in order to remain on the saddle. The ‘heels in’ position is generally taught as a means of keeping the foot in the stirrup and reducing any risk of being caught in the stirrup; however, it can be less effective than initially considered. In fact, while being useful, the heels down technique does not allow for synchronization with the horse and the rider is often unable to ‘move in time’ with the horses’ body. Flow and balance is far more important for a novice rider; thus, it is recommended that the heels are kept down.

Finally, it is essential that you keep your head up with your heels down. A low head throws the horse off course while a high head helps with direction and can keep you focused on the enjoyable activity.

Three Secrets To Grooming Your Horse Like A Pro

If you have been wanting to know how to make your horse look like a show horse, you will want to read our secret grooming tips. We are going to show you how to curry your horse, use the right amount of shampoo, and what part of the horse to pay extra attention to. After reading this article, you will be able to groom your horse easily and make sure they look beautiful.

Always Remember To Curry

If you have not been using a curry brush on your horse you are missing one of the most important aspects of grooming your horse. Currying helps to remove all the dirt, debris, and dander from your horse before you even begin the grooming and bathing process. Always make sure you have a good curry brush on hand before you start.

Watch The Amount Of Shampoo You Use

A common mistake that many new horse owners make is by using too much shampoo on their horses. The common thought process is that more will do better. In this case, the less shampoo you use the better it is for the horse’s skin. Too much shampoo is much harder to rinse off and will lead to dry, itchy skin for the horse. A good idea is to only use half of what you think you need for the horse and work from there.

Pay Careful Attention To The Mane And Tails

One of the most important parts of grooming your horse is their mane and tails. This is one of the most common problems for new horse owners and can lead to serious health issues for the horse. When these areas get too dirty or itchy the horse will begin to rub and pull out the hair. Obviously, this is not the way to get a good looking horse! You always want to make sure that these areas stay free of dirt and debris as well as any pesky bugs. Having a wide-tooth mane and tail comb on hand will help with this part of the grooming process.

That wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be, was it? By simply currying your horse, using the right amount of shampoo, and taking more time on the mane and tail you will always have the best-looking horse in town. Now that you know these secret tips, go out and show your horse some love and start they makeover!

Essential Horse Grooming Supplies That You Must Always Have On Hand

If you are looking for the most important horse grooming supplies, you’ll want to read this article. We are going to discuss the importance of having a rubber curry, three essential brushes, a mane and tail comb, and finally the hoofpick with brush. After finishing this article, you will have a much better idea of what you need to keep your horse happy and looking its best.

A Rubber Curry For All Around Cleaning

You will be amazed at how much dirt and mud your horse will accumulate during the week. One of the best all around tools to help control all of that dirt and get it off your horse’s body is the rubber curry. This tool is typically oval or circle shaped and will become one of your favorite grooming tools. The rubber curry will help remove all the debris from your horse before you go in with a brush. It really helps to make the job easier.

The Three Essential Brushes

You may have heard that all good things come in pairs. For the most part, that is true with the exception of brushing your horse. There are three brushes you will want to keep on hand to get the job done right. They include the stiff-bristled body brush, soft-bristled body brush and the soft-bristled face brush. All three of these are needed to give your horse a neat appearance.

The Tail And Mane Comb

The mane and tail are typically one of the most striking features on a horse and extra care is usually given to these areas. You will want to have a wide-toothed comb on hand to brush the mane and tail and prevent hair breakage.

Taking Care Of The Hooves

Many horse owners hate taking care of this part of the horse, but it is an essential duty. One of the best tools you can keep on hand is a hoofpick with brush. This handy tool lets you pick the horse’s hooves and simply brush away all the debris with the brush.

As you can see, there are only a few things you will need to get started on keeping your horse looking absolutely gorgeous. Keep in mind that this is a beginners checklist and you will want to get more supplies later on. However, having a rubber curry, essential brushes, tail and mane comb, and a hoofpick with brush are all a good start. Now that you have this information, go outside and give your horse a long brushing!