Essential Horse Grooming Supplies That You Must Always Have On Hand

If you are looking for the most important horse grooming supplies, you’ll want to read this article. We are going to discuss the importance of having a rubber curry, three essential brushes, a mane and tail comb, and finally the hoofpick with brush. After finishing this article, you will have a much better idea of what you need to keep your horse happy and looking its best.

A Rubber Curry For All Around Cleaning

You will be amazed at how much dirt and mud your horse will accumulate during the week. One of the best all around tools to help control all of that dirt and get it off your horse’s body is the rubber curry. This tool is typically oval or circle shaped and will become one of your favorite grooming tools. The rubber curry will help remove all the debris from your horse before you go in with a brush. It really helps to make the job easier.

The Three Essential Brushes

You may have heard that all good things come in pairs. For the most part, that is true with the exception of brushing your horse. There are three brushes you will want to keep on hand to get the job done right. They include the stiff-bristled body brush, soft-bristled body brush and the soft-bristled face brush. All three of these are needed to give your horse a neat appearance.

The Tail And Mane Comb

The mane and tail are typically one of the most striking features on a horse and extra care is usually given to these areas. You will want to have a wide-toothed comb on hand to brush the mane and tail and prevent hair breakage.

Taking Care Of The Hooves

Many horse owners hate taking care of this part of the horse, but it is an essential duty. One of the best tools you can keep on hand is a hoofpick with brush. This handy tool lets you pick the horse’s hooves and simply brush away all the debris with the brush.

As you can see, there are only a few things you will need to get started on keeping your horse looking absolutely gorgeous. Keep in mind that this is a beginners checklist and you will want to get more supplies later on. However, having a rubber curry, essential brushes, tail and mane comb, and a hoofpick with brush are all a good start. Now that you have this information, go outside and give your horse a long brushing!

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