Quick Overview of Common Horse Breeds

There are many breeds of horses. Here are a few of the more common and popular breeds.

American Paint Horse

This is a beautiful breed that combines western stock attributes together with the spotting patterns found on Pinto horses. Paint horses have great temperaments and are good work horses. A Paint must have a combination of white with other recognized equine colors.

American Quarter Horse

This is the most popular horse in the United States. It is a horse known for exhibiting short sprints and can win races that go for a quarter of a mile or less. It is an excellent breed for new riders. The breed comes in many equine colors

The Andalusian
This is an elegant but athletic breed. It is related to the Lusitano horse of Portugal. These horses are exceptionally strong. The most common color is gray but it can also be black, bay, dun or Palomino colored.


These are large horses that can be used for riding or working. They are a breed of draught horse that came from the Clydesdale, Scotland farm horses. Some breeders use them to improve other draught horse breeds.

The Friesian
This elegant, graceful breed is also called a Frisian. The breed comes from Friesland in the Netherlands. These horses look like lighter versions of draught horses. They are often used for pleasure riding or dressage competitions because of their ability to be very nimble.

Morgan Horse
The Morgan Horse is the official breed of horse in the United States. It is also one of the oldest breeds developed in the US. It has strong legs, but is rather compact in its build. This horse is used for both English and Western style riding.

Thoroughbred Horse

Thoroughbreds are known for being almost exclusive to the sport of horse racing. They are agile, quick and spirited. They can be used for other sports like fox hunting and polo. They are also adept enough to be used for jumping. They are among the most expensive breed that can be owned. The more pedigree a Thoroughbred has, the more valuable he is.
Before buying a horse, it is important to research the breed that is best suited to your riding style and preferences. If you are new to riding, choose a horse that is gentle. Always research breeders carefully before buying the horse you wish to call your own.

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