Three Secrets To Grooming Your Horse Like A Pro

If you have been wanting to know how to make your horse look like a show horse, you will want to read our secret grooming tips. We are going to show you how to curry your horse, use the right amount of shampoo, and what part of the horse to pay extra attention to. After reading this article, you will be able to groom your horse easily and make sure they look beautiful.

Always Remember To Curry

If you have not been using a curry brush on your horse you are missing one of the most important aspects of grooming your horse. Currying helps to remove all the dirt, debris, and dander from your horse before you even begin the grooming and bathing process. Always make sure you have a good curry brush on hand before you start.

Watch The Amount Of Shampoo You Use

A common mistake that many new horse owners make is by using too much shampoo on their horses. The common thought process is that more will do better. In this case, the less shampoo you use the better it is for the horse’s skin. Too much shampoo is much harder to rinse off and will lead to dry, itchy skin for the horse. A good idea is to only use half of what you think you need for the horse and work from there.

Pay Careful Attention To The Mane And Tails

One of the most important parts of grooming your horse is their mane and tails. This is one of the most common problems for new horse owners and can lead to serious health issues for the horse. When these areas get too dirty or itchy the horse will begin to rub and pull out the hair. Obviously, this is not the way to get a good looking horse! You always want to make sure that these areas stay free of dirt and debris as well as any pesky bugs. Having a wide-tooth mane and tail comb on hand will help with this part of the grooming process.

That wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be, was it? By simply currying your horse, using the right amount of shampoo, and taking more time on the mane and tail you will always have the best-looking horse in town. Now that you know these secret tips, go out and show your horse some love and start they makeover!

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